04 October 2016


Paddle balls are fun toys, but a little difficult to master. Potato launchers are cool, but you run out of potatoes too quick. Why not put the two of them together and make a love child. Out of plumbing parts, a wood board, and a bag of rubber-bands, this project is easy to recreate and exceptionally fun. A bit on the dangerous side, but that just keeps things exciting. Suppose if there was a servo on the trigger connected via phone app, this would qualify as more robotic. It's somewhat automatic in terms of a paddleball non the less. This is something of my own creation, so I am quite proud. 

27 September 2016

Carbon3D The World's Fastest 3D Printer

Here is the cutting edge of 3D Printing. Watch as this machine pulls an object, with intricate detail, out of thin air. Haters and neigh sayers gather round and watch your childhood dreams come to fruition. The hours spent watching Star Trek and other science fiction relics have not been in vein. Possibly, they've prepared us to bravely traverse our immanent future. We are not running on a linear plane of computing. Technology is grappling upward exponentially. As Ray Kurzweil states it, "We tend to overestimate the near future and under estimate the long term." Such can be attributed to our inability to conjure progress exponentially. 3D printing has been braking new boundaries time and again. The new question will become; What can't you print that must be manufactured?

07 August 2012

Project Hexapod- Catch a Ride on a Six legged Robot

A team of engineers came together and decided they wanted to build and ride a giant robot. Stompy is an open-source, 18ft wide, 4,000 pound, ride-able 6-legged hydraulic robot. At an estimated cost of 65k the team is looking for volunteer donations. These will receive their fair reward. With small amounts you can receive stickers, photos and T-shirts of this beast. For $200 Stompy will live up to his name and crush any inanimate, non-volatile object of your choosing. Project Hexapod will even post a video of the destruction on YouTube for the world to enjoy. But, wait, it gets better. Cough up $300, and you'll get to ride the 18-foot wide steel beast. Jump to a cool grand and they'll let you man the controls.