07 August 2012

Project Hexapod- Catch a Ride on a Six legged Robot

A team of engineers came together and decided they wanted to build and ride a giant robot. Stompy is an open-source, 18ft wide, 4,000 pound, ride-able 6-legged hydraulic robot. At an estimated cost of 65k the team is looking for volunteer donations. These will receive their fair reward. With small amounts you can receive stickers, photos and T-shirts of this beast. For $200 Stompy will live up to his name and crush any inanimate, non-volatile object of your choosing. Project Hexapod will even post a video of the destruction on YouTube for the world to enjoy. But, wait, it gets better. Cough up $300, and you'll get to ride the 18-foot wide steel beast. Jump to a cool grand and they'll let you man the controls. 

04 August 2012

Transforming Car into Walking Robot

After watching so many transformers movies on the big screen, you have to wonder; does any thing like this exist in real-life? At full size, displaying that much energy output on such a massive scale would certainly have to be powered by radio active fusion. With plutonium and uranium being just out of reach, hobbyists stick to servos and battery packs. With a design similar to Bumble Bee, Kenji Ishida of JS Robotics built is own toy transformer.  This is his 7th of 9 different models. Here's to hoping a crazed billionaire crosses his path and funds a full size mech they can sit inside of.

11 July 2012

Fully Automatic Butchers

Industrial robots have fulfilled their calling with automating production of cars and other consumer technology. What about tearing into a new flock of chores like cutting meat. Not a perfect science, but it can be done. Watch as a machine debones chickens 10x's faster than human speed and another decapitates hogs at a jaw dropping rate. These videos are graphic and I apologize before hand if you can no longer eat sausage.