15 May 2011

Foster Miller Killer SWORDS Military Robot

A new statistic came out revealing that for every 50 soldiers there's one robot drone out in the battle field, with this number increasing. The obvious theory is for every bullet a bot takes it's a life saved. Spawning from the makers of iRobot comes Foster Miller's Talon.

These armed robots travel 5.2 MPH and carry a variety of different weapons including an M16 rifle, a 5.56 mm SAW M249, a 7.62 mm M240 machine gun, a .50 cal M82 Barrett rifle, a six barreled 40 mm grenade launcher or quad 66 mm M202A1 FLASH incendiary weapon. Remote operation of one of these bad boys is as easy as handling an XBox controller. 

The current price of one unit is $230,000 which can be made arguably cheaper than training a live solider. Good thing there's rescue bots and robot surgeons, cause they'll be cleaning up the devastation left by these robots of war.


  1. Informative video! Foster Miller SWORDS robot is one of those killer machines that allows soldiers to fight with the enemy from a remote distance. It comes with a machine gun and is one ninja robot. These robots make it easy to conduct the war while protecting soldiers. Thanks a lot for providing this nice information.

    1. Oh great. An "easy to conduct war". Just what the world needs. What could possibly go wrong?

      How about this - an arms-race between the US and China (who can out-produce the US with its eyes closed), causing the US, who already spends about 1/2 of its GDP on "defense", to impoverish its own population even more... creating a situation where the people on the receiving end of armed robots are American civilians.

      How much of your population do you have in prison already?
      How many of your people are already being thrown out of their homes?
      How much of your military infrastructure is already controlled and owned by people who are not democratically accountable?
      Spied on much? Lied to much? Cheated much? - I know... give the people doing this to you, weaponised robots. Result!

      There is no "them"... only "us". Weapons are not economically value-creating - trying to create value by making weapons is exactly the same as trying to create jobs by breaking windows.

      Stop pretending that something designed to kill people "saves lives".