06 May 2011

Surgery Preformed Mechanically via Da Vinci Robot

Opening scene from anime film Ghost in the Shell
Those of us who are fans of anime knew robotic surgery was right around the corner. Think ahead- wouldn't it be nice the know the surgery you are about to undergo was preformed on thousands by this same machine, yet contoured by sensors to your own size and frame. This procedure is not quite automatic and still under direct human operation through remote manipulation. While this contraption may look a bit intimidating, it's bark is bigger that it's bite.  The Da Vinci Surgical System from Intuitive utilizes the arms with tools and one endoscope for viewing the organs. The tools tips are the size of a finger and will leave less scar tissue later. It is the least evasive surgery meaning quicker healing and less time in the hospital. Even if the Doc has a nervous twitch, the Da Vinci features an integrated tremor filter and the ability for scaling down doctors movements.

Okay lets play out a senario here-- Now with the Da Vinci Robot here to save lives the possibility exists to be shot a wounded by an automatic weapon aboard the SWORDS Talon military robot, found injured in the field of battle and Rescued by a bot, and then laid on a table and sutured together by the Da Vinci surgical system. What a tangled web we weave.

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