14 November 2011

Paper Robot Mech Models with Attitude & Altitude

Unless you're a millionaire, holding your very own personal robot in your hands can feel light years away. Building one yourself would be a more likely approach. The tools and materials are likely far from reach, and that my friend is why man created paper! All you need is scissors, glue, a little love, and of course paper; to have one of these lethal mechs sitting on you desk. That coworker will think twice about stealing your stapler when he realizes the hours you put into making that AT-AT staring back at him. Link--> Get your origami on <--Link (curtsy of Shun Ichi Makino) and reenact a scene out of Star Wars with any of the life like droids below. Or you can get real technical and have a robot fold it for you. Click thumbnails below to view full size.

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