13 April 2012

Cheetah- The Fastest Quadruped Mammal and Robot

Boston Dynamics, the same company that introduced the Justin Robot and Pet Man, are now setting a new speed record. The Cheetah was green backed by the US Military and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). 
While quadrupeds have been notoriously slow, this new Cheetah robot has been clocked at 18 mph land speed. At this pace it may be outrun a human, but not live chetah who are clocked at 70- 75mph in the wild.

11 April 2012

Don't be Shrewd toward the Shrewbot

Many robots operate through sensors of vision and sound. Navigating through a burning building filled with smoke would be nearly impossible relying on sight alone. The Bristol Robotics Laboratory has developed a robot much like the shrew with sensors resembling whiskers. Exploring the world through touch alone this blind might just find a soft spot in your heart.